Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft - A Review


One of the modern Wicca's most recommended books, this comprehensive text features a step-by-step course in Witchcraft, with photographs and illustrations, rituals, beliefs, history, and lore, as well as instruction in spellwork, divination, herbalism, healing, channeling, dreamwork, sabbats, esbats, covens, and solitary practice. The workbook formats includes exam questions at the end of each lesson, so you can build a permanent record of your spiritual and magical training.

Book Breakdown

I've read quite a books on Wicca and witchcraft for research, everyone recommended this book to me. Even Goodreads said this was a book I needed to read. I think it's very informable and he does go into so much detail. It's all laid out there for anyone to pick up and follow. I enjoyed this book and learned so much. I do have a few gripes though. I know some people don't have a problem with Skyclad worship and such but I think it's totally unneeded. What you can do naked you can do just as well in clothes. 

He also mainly only touches on Coven worship. Most often today witches are solitary and so this book isn't quite as helpful for them. Lots of people hate on Silver Ravenwolf but she is better for the solitary witch if you ask me. 

If you like this path of witchcraft then Buckland's is the way to go. He really does seem to have all the details worked out and for that I give this book 4 stars.