Monday, May 4, 2015

Song of the Week (5)

Song: Catch Me If You Can

Artist: Girls' Generation (Without Jessica)

Date: April 9 2015 (Music Video)

Genre: K-Pop

This song was released in both Korean and Japanese and while I've always preferred their Japanese songs in Japanese instead of Korean this one is different. I actually love them both! It's an amazing song. I LOVE the dance beat. It fits them so much! I'm also excited that they gave the other girls more lines and Tiffany had so little! Yes! Just how it should be! Though I'm forever going to miss Jessica as she was my favorite. But she will come out with a solo album when ready and knock it out of the park.

But seriously, I can't stress enough how proud I am that the others actually got their chance to shine, it just wasn't TaeTiSeo and the 'background girls'. Hyoyeon killed it! SM needs to give this girl more lines as she isn't just an amazing dancer! Yuri... she stole it for me. She's the only bias I have left in the group and she did me proud!

Anyway, if you don't already listen to this group or Kpop in general then you need to check these girls out. They are very talented and amazing. I'll put both the Japanese & Korean versions of the song down below. If you want to check out the official video go to this link: Official Korean Video 

I can't find the official Japanese video but they are impossible to find where I'm from, if any of you happen to see it, drop the link in the comments please. Enjoy this amazing song!

Korean Above
Japanese Below