Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Okay everyone! It's time for my very first giveaway! This is my way of saying thank you for sticking with me and reading and commenting on my blog and just simply fangirling with me. I now have over 300 subscribers and I'm so thankful for each and everyone of you! This giveaway is international so everyone can enter! I am not responsible for anything lost (hopefully it won't be). I will have a tracking number that I'll pass on to the winner.

Now I want to talk a little about why I chose these books. They each have some kind of meaning.

City of Bones - I love this series, it's one of my favorites. I've loved them back when they were only going to be a trilogy so for a long time!!

Vampire Diaries - I've talked about this before but this is the very first young adult series I read back in 2007. It started my love for reading YA.

Sapphire Blue - This one has such beautiful covers and was so entertaining I want to share that with you guys.

Blue Bloods - If you've followed me for any amount of time you'll have noticed I talk about this series a lot. It is very underrated. Hopefully this book will get you into the series and I'll finally have someone to tangible with over some of these awesome guys! Just remember though... the book is still better than the graphic novel!

To get started just click on the tab at the top. The one of the very right! Enjoy!