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Review - Enter the Realm of Flesh


"The blade seemed to cut the air itself apart. Before he could stop, he had created a strange, ineffable crack in the air. Then, an arm reached through ... and shortly afterwards, a body followed." 

Michael Phoenix is just your ordinary misfit teenager. He lives in a New England small town, his father ran off a year ago, and he falls asleep in school every now and then. However, one night, Michael accidentally opens a portal to another world, and an alien creature invades his home. All he thought he knew about the world is shattered when he is plunged into a world of darkness, a world that's strange and alien—a world that once was home to him. 

Michael embarks on a journey to the darkest corners of the Earth in search for purpose, home, and vengeance. He is ready to do all it takes, even if he must go to the source of his nightmares—even if he must enter the Realm of Flesh. Along the way, he gains supernatural abilities and learns to cope with loss. 

A horror journey that ramps up towards a climactic showdown in the end. There's gore, twists, and violent action galore in this dark coming-of-age story. By the end of the day, each of the three main characters will have shed their fair share of blood and learned their lesson—if they live to see the end of the day. 

Title: Enter the Realm of Flesh 
Author: A.N. Sinner
Page Count: 310
Published 05/23/2015


*I received this copy in exchange for an honest review* 

Michael is just like any normal teenager. Though his dad has been missing for around a year and when Lukas shows up with news that his father is actually dead - that's when things kick off. Lukas leaves Michael's father's sword. In the middle of the night Michael uses it to let a monster into our world. It kills his mother and Michael is sent to live with some very well off family members. Though he quickly decides he wants more. He knows about the monsters and wants to do something about about them. Lukas agrees to test him and see if he has what it takes. Everything really takes off from there, with old friends becoming allies and lots of freaking scary moments.

The writing style is very blunt, a hold no punches kind of thing and for this type of book it works perfectly. I found no mistakes and this story had me hiding under my blanket and leaving the lights on. Pick this up if you are a fan of horror... just make sure to leave the light on.

Favorite Quotes

1) "Don't worry," Lukas said and patted him on the back. We're basically just here to watch Old Tashal kick Immortal ass."

2) Why do you always wear those?" Michael asked. 
"To tell the truth," Lukas said, "I feel weird about the way my eyes look. They're ... too small."

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