Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Review - Oleah Chronicles: Truth

What would you do if everything you thought to be true in your life was a lie?

Sixteen-year-old Angel Seriki must face overwhelming truths about her family when she meets Zander Black, a new student to her high school who is smart, charming and devastatingly beautiful. The revelations he uncovers to her about her family's past changes everything, and as her relationship and feelings for Zander deepen, so do the risks involved. She must now accept her fate and face the true reality of who and what she is. Even if that means giving up everything, including being human.

My Thoughts/Review

*I received this book in exchange for a honest review*

Angel is just your normal average sixteen year old girl... or so she thought. Angel goes to school everyday, her parents pressure her to get good grades. Her parents even tell her not to date, just like a normal family. But when Zander shows up, normal goes out the window. Angel's life is not what she thought. She's a princess from another galaxy, blessed by God. Zander is a vampire who was sent to kill her, well to take her to the woman who would kill her, Satan's sister. 

This world that Michelle Johnson has created is so vast, so amazing. The Oleah are so cool! Zander is freaking hot. I love that Angel is real, she and best friend have a fight, she gets embarrassed by her parents, she's a real teenager! She's also very strong. A girl could really look up to Angel. 

The author's writing is witty, easy to understand, and again, I love how she made Angel actually feel like a real teenager, with first love and being nervous around Zander, I honestly can say that I enjoyed this book so much, it was a wonderful and powerful story of love.

Favorite Quotes

1) "Are you blushing?" Mom sounded more shocked than anything else.


"Oh my goodness, Eli, I think she actually likes him."

2) "Tsk tsk tsk. Someone has been a very bad little boy." Her voice was like that of a serpent's hiss."

3) "He opened both eyes, his mouth slowly curling into a mischievous grin as the bright red spread in his eyes. "Checking to see if I'm hungry."