Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Time Traveller's Book Tag

I was tagged by the awesome Erika over at Books, Stars, Writing. And Everything In Between. IF you've never checked out her blog you should totally do so like now. Right now. Just go. She has some pretty nifty stuff over there and make sure to leave a comment, she's so sweet.

1) What is your favorite time period to read about?

I guess I would honestly have to go with present time... but if that doesn't work I like the time period that The Infernal Devices are set in, that kind of steampunk/victorian era.

2) Name a character from a classic novel and a character from a recent novel who would make great friends. Why?

Oh, God, a hard one. This might make me sound awful but I don't read too many classic novels.... so I'm not too sure. Maybe Jonas from The Giver and Ally from Matched. I think since they both know that their world doesn't quite work or that there is so much missing they'd work together to change it.

3) Which author now passed would you like to travel back in time to meet?

Bram Stoker!!! How could I not want to meet the man that helped bring vampires 'into the light'.

5) Name a novel set in the present day, and imagine it set in another time period. What would that time period be, and how would it affect the story?

Twilight set a few hundred years ago. Really wouldn't change the story much at all since it's all just centered around the romance of the couple.

6) Which book's version of the future would you most want to live in?

Most dystopian future books are awful... but The Selection series wouldn't be too bad if you had a low number. Plus, there isn't as much death and fighting, while I could own my own in tougher books things like The Hunger Games would still kill me.

7) If you could time travel, which character would you most want to time travel with?

Roth.... though I don't think we'd... yeah I'm just gonna stop there. Roth.

8) If you were stuck in a time-loop (aka Groundhog Day), which book would you not mind reading over and over?

Anything by Jennifer L Armentrout. Seriously, anything.

9) What is your favorite book or series that has time-traveling as a key plot point?

Ruby Red, easy answer.

10) If given the chance, would you a) time travel b) if so, when/where would you visit first c) what book/book series would you bring along with you?

I would time travel in I could. I'd like to fix the mistakes I've made in life. Well, the major ones at least. I'd like to see how different my path for life would've been. So myself at 15 is where I would start... my dorm room where no one would see me. Wouldn't want to scare anyone by seeing two of me! Pfft, there is no way I would only take one book or series. I'd have to two three or four.

11) Who do you tag?

Anyone who hasn't been tagged yet, if you want to do this tag consider yourself tagged by me and have fun!