Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday's Discussion

This is something I've decided to do for fun. Thursday's I'm going to discuss a new topic. Every week, I'm going to let you, my wonderful sunflowers chose the topic. Anything you want to talk about just post in below in the comments. If you just want to ask questions or talk about a book, whatever, anything goes!

I'm going to start off this with the YA book/series that got me into reading YA. I read them in the summer of 2007 and I was in love with them. I read them back when there was only 4 books out. I remember getting this edition and then sometime later that year I got the other one, with the blonde girl on the cover.  I fell in love with Damon. I will say that these aren't the best around and reading them now I see that they aren't as great as I thought but to a young girl who had only ever read middle grade or school rated books this was like finding the Holy Grail or something. So buttercups (I call you guys lots of flowery names...), what was the first YA book you ever read? I'm going to guess that Twilight is what got most of you into reading but still, I'd love to see your answers and the stories as to why you picked up that first book to begin with.