Thursday, July 9, 2015

Top 6 (1)

I was asked recently what my favorite bands are and I thought since I love music so much why not make a post and tell you Buttercups what my favorite bands were as well. When I say bands I mean mean musical groups, solo artists, duos. Just my top six favorite music makers? Anyhow, let's jump right into all this musical goodness. These aren't in any special order as I could never ever pick a favorite, I love far too many to choose only six. Just like books... dang, I'm very indecisive. I'm rambling, anyway, here is the list for real this time. Enjoy and let me know who your favorites are and if we have any in common. 

1) Evanescence

Amy Lee's voice is the most beautiful angelic sound I've ever heard. I love the dark lyrics and the messages behind the songs. Also Amy is just beautiful, I'd love to look like her.

Favorite Song

2) The Birthday Massacre

They're just awesome, I love the beats of the songs and the creepy or weird meaning behind the lyrics. 

3) Breathe Carolina 

I've never hated a single song by them, they are epic and upbeat though some of their songs can get dirty.

Are you still with me or are my choices just too weird for you? I'll get a little more mainstream for this one...

4) Lady Gaga 

I've loved her music so much till her last album... it was just too weird for me. What happened to Poker Face, I Like It Rough, Judas, and Telephone?!

5) Girls' Generation

No matter what ANYONE says, Jessica will always be a part of this group to me. She was always my bias now Yuri has moved up and taken her place. I love you Jessica and I hope you succeed and show them all.

Favorite songs (1) (2)

Just in case you haven't noticed, I don't really listen to many male singers, just like I don't really like many books with a male main characters. *shrugs* #sorrynotsorry

6) Katy Perry

I've loved her from the very beginning when I Kissed A Girl came out. She is amazing. Though why you gotta pick on Taylor Swift girl? You should all just get along and make amazing music.