Monday, August 10, 2015

6 Series I Won't Finish

Everyone does it, you get the first book in a series and love it, get the second and hate it... do you continue? Some do and some don't. I'm going to give you a some series that I won't continue and explain why. Now I'm not saying that you guys have to hate any of these series of course. If you like them then more power to you. I hope you enjoy them. They just aren't my thing. On we go!

1) Darkness Before Dawn
This book was just so predicable and didn't hold my interest very long and yeah... after finishing this book I have no desire to read the other 2... or is there 3? See, I don't even like the book enough to know how many is out there.  

2)  Pretty Little Liars 

I love the TV show! It's so awesome, though I can admit that it is kind of falling a bit... just a wee bit. So, loving the TV, I thought I'd give the books a try... Big mistake on my part. I got through the first book and then forced myself to get through half the second... then decided that life is too short to read books I care nothing for.

3) Talon

I hate that I have to list this one but I can't get into this book! I hate it. I love anything else by Julia Kagawa but this.... /sigh/ It even has dragons! DRAGONS! I still just... this hurts my heart.

4) The Raven Boys

I've heard that this books takes a while to get into and that's fine by me, I don't mind slow world building or just slow building in general... but this series was just too slow. I love the idea and the book was actually alright just not good enough for me to want to keep going.

5) Maximum Ride

I read these back when I thought there was only 3 and then more came out and they just got worse and worse and boring and ugh. I maybe the only one in the world who thinks this... James Patterson isn't as good of an author as everyone thinks. He's way too overhyped. #sorrynotsorry

6) Uglies

I read the first book and had to pause for a moment... this series just didn't stick in my mind. To me it was unmemorable. I know a lot of people like this series and that's great. You like it and enjoy it. It's just my thing.