Saturday, August 15, 2015

Review - The Assassin and the Healer (Throne of Glass Prequel #2)

Meet the Assassin: beautiful, defiant, destined for greatness. Celaena Sardothien has challenged her master. Now she must pay the price. Her journey to the Red Desert will be an arduous one, but it may change the fate of her cursed world forever...

Book Breakdown

Celaena finds herself staying at a piece of crap Inn waiting for a ship to take her to The Red Desert to train with The Silent Assassins. It's her punishment for freeing the slaves and ruining her Master's deal with the Pirate Lord. On her last night she saves a young woman, only a few years older than herself from some really bad men. Then she teaches the woman a few ways to defend herself. They get to talking and our assassin finds out that Yrene wants to be a healer. Before Celaena leaves she leaves a lot of money for the girl, hoping she will take her future into her own hands.

I think that this one is the least interesting of the group but it's still so cool just to be in the Throne of Glass world and be with Celaena. I just love her as a character. As always Sarah's writing is astonishing. I love seeing Celaena this way, she tries to act all tough and bad on the outside but she really is such a good person. Read this short story. It's one heck of an adventure.

Favorite Quotes

1) “The girl wore her scars the way some women wore their finest jewelry.”

2) “Let me give you a bit of advice.' the girl said bitterly, 'from one working girl to another; life isn't easy, no matter where you are. You'll make choices you think are right and then suffer for them.' Those remarkable eyes flickered. 'So if you're going to be miserable, you might as well go to Antica and be miserable in the shadow of the Torre Cesme.”

3) “The girl was alluring. Like wildfire, or a summer storm swept off the Gulf of Oro.”