Friday, August 21, 2015

TMI Tag!

I wasn't tagged per say but Salha from The Journeys of a Girl tagged everyone so yeah... I'm doing it!

1) What are you wearing?
A pair of skinny jeans with holes and my Game of Thrones shirt.

2) Have you ever been in love?
Yes, once before and with my fiancee... did I mention that? We are engaged now!!!

3) Have you ever had a terrible break up?
Yep, my last boyfriend cheated on me with my cousin and when I found out, I dumped him on Valentine's Day... I was so heartbroken.

4) How tall are you?

5) How much do you weight?
139 lbs... I need to lose some weight... my Dr told me I'm about 19 lbs overweight... but I've started a diet and so hopefully that gets going well. Wish me luck!

6) Any tattoos?
I don’t have any, but I would like quite a few! I'd like a peace sign on my wrist. Three hearts intertwined on my hand and then I'm always wanted one on my neck but now that can't happen where I have that huge scar from my surgery...

7) Any piercings?
My lip and ears. I'd like to get more though.

8) OTP?
Right now? If I only get to pick one... Roth and Layla from The Dark Elements.

9) What is your favorite show?
At this moment, Reign. Hopefully though it will change when Shadowhunters comes out!

10)  Who are your favorite bands/musical acts?
I've listed some of these already in a post but I'll just name different ones here. Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace (with Adam only. I could give a rat's butt about their new stuff), Taylor Swift, All Time Low, Shinedown, Nirvana, Rihanna (older stuff only, I just don't like her latest stuff), Eminem, SHINee, Super Junior, f(x), BIGBANG, 4minute (older stuff), TaeTiSeo, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez,

11) Something you miss?
I miss my family and friends. Since moving out here over a year ago, I've not seen my family at all. I talk on the phone with them but it's not the same. I really miss my little sister so much. At least I get to talk to my family though... I've not talked to my friends at all since I left.

12) Favorite Song?
Hmmm right at this moment it would either have to be Sparks by Hilary Duff or Cool For the Summer by Demi Lovato.

13) How old are you?
Old enough to know better but too young to care.

14) Zodiac Sign?
Taurus - though I'm sure if anyone follows me on Twitter they new that... I follow a lot of Taurus stuff.

15)  Quality you look for in a partner?

16) What is your favorite quote?
I have many... check them out if you want to. Quotes

17) Who is your favorite actor?
Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Ian Somerhalder, Michelle Rodriguez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kit Harington... he is just the most dreamy man ever. Besides my guy of course.

18) Favorite color?
I have three that I change between a lot. So... aqua, black and purple.

19) Loud music or soft?
Loud... I like to drown out any other sound.

20) Where do you go when you’re sad?
To the bathroom, where I can lock the door and cry alone if need be.

21) How long does it take you to shower?
30+ minutes. I have really long hair and it takes and lot of washing.

22) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Not too long, I've masted the art of hurrying.

23) Have you ever been in a physical fight?
Once, she started it. My father always told me, "don't go starting fights but if someone picks a fight. Finish it." So yeah.. I kicked her butt.

24) Turn on’s?
Dark eyes with a deep voice. There is nothing sexier than a good deep voice.. though not too deep. It has to be just right. A lip ring. He also has to be funny. I can't stand a guy who is serious all the time and never smile.

25) Turn off’s?
Arrogance! Confidence is sexy but don't push it too far or I just loose interest. Controlling people. Ugh.

26) The reason I joined Youtube?... The Blogging community, in this case:
That's one I've said before but yeah you guys! So I can fangirl and interact with all you amazing people!

27) What are your fears?
Spiders.... um.... lots of spiders? Even one... /shivers

28) Last thing that made you cry?
My period? I get over emotional during that time.

29) Last time you said you loved someone?
My family when I got off the phone last night.

30) Meaning behind you Youtube name? Blog name, in this case:
Well, back in the early days I was doing a Pagan/ YA book blog. So I named the book after my Goddess. Now it's just a YA book blog but I kept the name for her. She is special to me.

31) Last book you read?
Moonlight: A Dark Guardian Novel

32.- Book you’re currently reading?
I'm in a reading slump... sadly no books are being read.

33) Last show you watched?
Nikita, yesterday. Love that show.

34) Last person you talked to?
My future mother-in-law. She's a sweetie.

35) The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
The last person I texted with the kik app because I don't have a cell phone was my little sister. I love her so much. She's my best friend. I'm a family person if you guys haven't noticed that yet haha.

36) What is your favorite food?
Italian! Anything Italian. I can't choose.

37)  Place you want to visit?
Japan (again), London, South Korea, Egypt.

38) Last place you were?
Wal-Mart.... baby food was needed.

39) Do you have a crush?
Oh yes, yes I do. I'm currently with him also.

40) Last time you kissed someone?
This morning when I kissed my wonderful man goodbye before he want to work.

41) Last time you were insulted?
In 2013, some older woman get really pissed that I got with my boyfriend. She was jealous and also married! That whore. She told me that I was a fat cow that no man would ever want. She was wrong. I said something back that I won't post here.

42) Favorite flavor or sweet?
Anything chocolate.

43) What instruments do you play?
Piano. I took one drum lesson but yeah...

44) Favorite piece of jewelry?
Necklaces, the long ones. Or rings. I love rings.

45)  Last sport you played?
Volleyball. Love that spot.

46) Last song you sang?
A Panic! At The Disco song.

47) Favorite pick up line?

48) Have you ever used it?
Ew, never used one. Never will.

49)  Last time you hung out with anyone?
If my partner doesn't count than year a year ago before we moved out west to this awful place. For the record, I'm an East Coast girl.

50) Who should answer these questions next?
Some may not be comfortable answering these questions so anyone who wants to do this can. I tag you!