Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday's Discussion (4) The Lux Covers

I've seen so many people hate on the original covers. Why? I love them so much! I've heard people say they look too much like romance covers and while that may be true. I don't care! Seriously! These are so much better than the new cover changes.

So I must now ask this question, do you like the original covers? Or do you my lovely sunflowers prefer the new ones? Let me know below, I'm dying to see who agrees with me. So for a week I'm going to leave a poll on the side of my blog and you can vote via Twitter using #TeamOriginal or #TeamNew or leave a comment on my Facebook page telling me which covers you prefer. I will add all the votes together and let you guys know which 'team' won next Thursday! So get to voting! 

Above: New Covers
Below: Original