Saturday, October 17, 2015

Emerge: The Edge - Review

Alienated by everything that sets him apart, Aidan McBrien suffers in silence.

He is the most powerful Immortal of his generation, but he chooses to live behind a mask to protect himself, even from those he loves. They can never know how much he struggles just to get through each day, overwhelmed by the pain and loss of everyone around him. As he fights a constant battle to control the gifts that threaten to push him over the edge, he dreads the day his world will look to him to fulfill a prophecy that he doesn’t even believe in. 

As Aidan’s equal, Allie Carmichael endures the same isolation, but in complete ignorance of her true nature. When she meets Gavin, Allie sees a tiny glimmer of the life she wants to live, and the person she wants to be, but her instincts tell her it will never work. 

Allie and Aidan have led parallel lives on opposite ends of the earth, but their paths are about to converge. With others making decisions for them, will they ever truly understand the immeasurable power they posses, or the prophecy that might not be about Aidan after all?

Format: ebook
Publisher: Midnight Hour Studio
Date Published: 09/29/2015
Author: Melissa A. Craven
Page Count: 209
POV: Aidan and Allie

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Book Breakdown
*Spoiler Alert* 

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

This book follows Aidan and Allie before they meet and what their life was like before. It's more of a character building piece but I'm totally okay with this because I love these characters so much and you get to learn more about them. It's great and I love this world the author has created and any chance I have to spend more time there I'm completely happy with. 

I want to say that I usually don't like prequels. They are usually boring because they start before the actual story. This though... I just can't get enough of this world and these characters. They seem so real. It was so nice to see their backstory and why they are the way they are. We actually get to see inside Aidan's head and to see all his flaws and it just made me love him more. 

That's what I meant by the characters seeming so real. They aren't perfect, they have flaws just like everyone else. But they try and raise above those things. Allie is so strong and such a good role model but I also love the fact that she's not strong all the time. No one can be strong all the time. It's an eye opener to see how they are before they meet. They have really brought out the best in each other. They are such a perfect couple. 

I also love the plot twist, I did not see that coming at all. It's so wonderful to not see a plot twist coming, I've gotten so good at catching the hints or just knowing it's coming but this! There are no words. This series is so fresh, I've said that before in my review for the first book but it's true. It's unlike any other book I've read and it's great! Read this novella and the first book. I know you'll love it so much. 

Favorite Quotes

1) "Aw, you're blushing! Athletic, Mr Football with a trust fund, genius IQ and a violin prodigy well on your way to becoming a virtuoso at age sixteen! Plagued by every hot girl in the school. You poor thing!"

2) "Kate broke up with me again. I figured I'd get out of Dodge while I had the chance."
"What did you do this time?" Gregg asked.
"I have no idea. Apparently I'm an 'immature-butt-munch' - her words. And 'I'm driving her batshit.'" He shrugged. "That's what I get for trying to date so far out of my generation."