Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Twilight Story

I've seen a lot of bloggers and Booktubers doing this and I wanted to share my story and love for Twilight. I know a lot of people hate on this series and the movies and I'm going to give my very honest opinion about it. I'm also going to share how I first got into Twilight and what it has done for my love of reading.

It was summer 2008, in the summer my family had moved from Tennessee to Kentucky. Like the northern tip of of Kentucky, the  middle of nowhere. I am from Nashville, where there is so much to do. So being over 500 miles from all my friends and my home, I was depressed. My family tried everything but I'd just sit in my room and listen to music, ignoring them all. I was so upset that they took me away from my friends. I was only 16.   

I got the chance to talk to my best friend Rane. She called and we were talking about how we missed each other and if I was ever coming back. (I've still not got to move back to my hometown. I now live even farther away...) Then she told me about this series she was reading called Twilight. It had vampires and she knew how much I love vampires. So she told me about it and I was kind of nervous about it. She told me that these vampires had no fangs... a vampire without fangs!? A vampire that sparkles?! 

Then later that week I went to the library, and there it was. Twilight. I decided 'what the hell' and got it. I read it all in one night. Then went back the next day to the library. There were so many holds on the rest of the series that my mother was sweet enough to take me to Wal-Mart and just buy the rest of the series for me. Since I didn't have school to worry about I finished the rest in two days. Needless to say I slept very little till it was finished.

I love the series. I've talked about before the first young adult series I ever read, The Vampire Dairies. That series got me to really love reading. But after moving up away from everyone I loved. I quit reading and was just emo. Twilight helped me find my love of reading again. It also made Kentucky a little better. I never made many friends while I lived there. Which was sad as I had tons in Tennessee. So while I was lonely and sitting at home while others went to parties and dances. I just read. It was the best escape from my depressed life. It gave me a reason to not want to kill myself anymore. (I was a very dramatic teenager). 

It was so nice, I even got to read the series to my little sister and she and grew close in that time period. She became my best friend and still is now. So I have Twilight to thank for a lot of good things in my life. 

Now the movies.... I wish anyone but Kristen Stewart had played Bella. She ruined everything for me. She needs acting lessons. Also I think they should've got someone who was a better role model to play Bella because so many kids looked up to her. One of my friends even started smoking pot because Kristen Stewart did and now her life is ruined.

I remember though, my dad actually went with me to the midnight premier of Twilight. I was so excited! To see all the characters I'd come to love. I even went to the midnight premier of New Moon and Eclipse. But I lost hope.... I didn't see the last two in theaters at all. I saw them once they can to pay per view. Yeah... I love the book series. It's one of my favorites. But the movies... Sorry if this brothers anyone but it's my personal opinion. If you love the movies and Kristen Stewart that's great. Keep on doing that.

So yeah, that's my story and my first taste of Twilight. In honor of the tenth anniversary edition, I'm going to review twilight and the retelling on my blog. Just twilight though, not the whole series. Here's my question for you sunflowers: are you excited to read the retelling or would you rather have had Midnight Sun? Personally, I'd rather have Midnight Sun but I'll take anything Twilight. I just the book series so freaking much!