Monday, October 19, 2015

One Lovely Blogger Award

So before I do anything I want to think the ever so lovely Konstantina from The Reading Armchair  and the sweetheart Caroline from Just Another Bookish Blog for nominating me. You guys should go check out their blogs. 

The Rules

1) Say Thank you to the person that nominated you
2) Explain the rules of the award
3) Say seven random facts about yourself
4) Nominate other bloggers
5) Display the badge/logo of the award in your blog

Random Facts

1) I love Resident Evil. The video games and yes... the movies are okay too. Though they have gotten pretty awful.

2) I love a wide variety of music. Anything but jazz and the 'old school' stuff.

3) I have OCD, if my books on my shelf aren't just right... I tend to get crazy... yeah...

4) Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love all that creepy paranormal stuff. If I could make it Halloween every day. I would. I so would in a heartbeat.

5) I'm not good at these things. Coming up with random facts... is that just me?

6) I'm a book slut. Enough said.

7) I am old school when it comes to writing my book reviews. I write them all down on paper first. My partner says 'it's because I'm Hipster' but technology hates me. So if I write them down, no matter what I always have them... even if I break my tablet.

Who I'm Tagging 
(I know this award has been floating around everywhere so if I tag you and you've already done it, ignore me lol)

1) Cheryl @I Heart Fictional People

2) Hannah @TheDonkeyInvasion

3) Trinity @The Midnight Princess

4) Denise @i am shelfless

Also if you want this award and haven't been nominated, then I nominate you. So go ahead and do this post and snag this award!