Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shadowhunters Episode 2 - Review

So here we are with the second episode. Before I jump into anything, I do want to say that I think this episode is better than the first. That doesn't mean I love this episode and think it's great, because I don't. There are things that are still bothering me, like Clary and Jace. It just mean that this one is better than the train wreck of the first one. 

So I want to start off with I still wish they would replace Jace and Clary. Jace is too stiff and rather boring while Clary... her words make her seem like she really cares but her face... she just seems a little bland in the face when she needs to be showing emotion. This actress just isn't the badass that I see as Clary. 

I said in my rant that I love the guy playing Luke and that is still very true, I'm just wondering if their budget was so low they couldn't show Luke as a werewolf. Or are they saving it? Because we got to hear the noises. Why in the world is Magnus leaving!? That doesn't help further the plot in anyway. He needs to stay and help or at least meet Alec already. Yeah I just don't understand why he is leaving.

I love the actress playing Izzy. She is stunning and very close to what I see when I picture her. It's just the writing... like in the bedroom scene with Simon and her Jace lines... the way the writers wrote it, makes it sound like she has a huge crush on Jace which is just weird to me. They need to give her better lines! The actress has such potential! 

The Institute bothers me so much, still does. I will never ever like that change. Also, I can't remember very well, but Hodge didn't get hurt when he spoke of the Circle and stuff in the books right? I don't think he did. Why add that? It does nothing to further the plot either. 

Okay the real thing that bothered me this episode was Clary's necklace. So if she touches it, it shows her where Dot is? What? Also, who is Dot? She's still not really done much. Seriously though, that necklace.... what is the propose? Ugh. Also, this may be kind of mean but I laughed my butt off when I saw the actress playing Clary trying to run in those high heels. They should just give her normal shoes, or maybe something she can actually run in. I'm not sure who called the shot for her to wear those high heels that she clearly can't run in very well. Though I'm not picking on the actress, I sure as hell couldn't run in those shoes either. I'd look just as silly. 

So I guess that's really it for this episode. I will admit that I just skimmed it. After the first episode I just felt so disheartened. But as I said before, this episode was better than the first. So hopefully they keep getting better and better and then the show will be good. 

I will leave you with my favorite line from the episode, said none other than Jace. Well, if you want to call him that. 

"Hey uh... Don't eat the food. Dangerous." - Wannabe Jace