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Manga Monday (5)

1) What is Manga? 

A style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at adults as well as children.

2) What is Manhwa?

It's a general Korean term for comics and print cartoons (common usage also includes animated cartoons). Outside of Korea, the term usually refers specifically to South Korean comics.

He loves her blood, but does her love her?! Misao is starting to trust her heart where Kyo is involved, especially after he gives her one of his primary feathers. It isn't just her first present from him, it's a magic talisman that will keep her safe when he's not nearby! Misao is elated to be able to go to school without the fear of being eaten, just like a normal teenage girl. But as her feelings for Kyo deepen, she starts to realize that as his bride she will have to leave her human life behind--including her family!

Mangaka: Kanoko Sakurakouji
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 200
Publisher: VIZ Media
Published: 02/02/2010
Number in Series: 3

Manga Breakdown

Misao's troubled because she loves Kyo but doesn't know what would happen if they get married and consummate their union. Would she have to leave her friends and family behind forever? She doesn't want him to know, worried he might think she doesn't love him. Which isn't the case, she's just so scared of the unknown.

Kyo gives Misao a pendant, made with one of his primary feathers. This is a very special ordeal as he can't lose too many of those or he couldn't fly anymore. Misao's happy because the feather will keep her safe from demons when Kyo's not around. She can finally walk to school without fear! Just like a normal girl.

Sadly, the happiness is short lived as Kuzu reappears. He says he's given up on Misao but Kyo doesn't trust him and demands to see the Senka Roku. The Senka Roku is the account of the Kuzunoha's clan bride taking 300 years ago. It will show what Kyo and Misao are to expect from their future together.

Kuzu tricks Misao into coming to his house, promising to let her read the Senka Roku. Instead, he tried to take her by force but Kyo saves the day as he always does. But things go from bad to worse for our couple, when Kuzu teams up with Kiyo and Kensuke. They want their revenge! Though Kensuke is nothing like they thought. He actually tries to help Misao but Kyo ends up killing Kuzu, using his power to cut off the fox's arm before slicing his throat. Misao gets badly hurt during this whole little action scene which leads to hot make out session between our couple.

Meanwhile, Kensuke offers to tell Kyo's clan about the Senka Roku or at least the part until they finally have sex, because that's all he saw of the book.

That's the end! Seriously!? What a freaking cliff hanger! I mean, I want to know what Kensuke has to say. Will our couple be safe to be together or will it be as Misao fears? I want to know so bad! So if you read this, make sure you have volume four in hand ready to go. You'll need it!

There are some things in this volume that I didn't care for. How Kyo has to keep saving Misao all the damn time. I mean come on girl! Stand up for yourself! Get smart! Don't follow your boyfriend's enemy home no matter what the loser says! You should know better! That's my only problem with this manga honestly, Misao is just so weak. Falling into every trap and just being plain stupid.

There is some pretty graphic scenes in here, the beheading and the make out session. Nothing is actually shown for the later so don't panic if that's not your thing. It's still clean enough. This manga is rated 16+ which means 16 or older and I think that's right. The rating fits perfectly. Also, if you're a mature young reader, I think this volume would be fine for you too. It's graphic but not like 'omg I will never be able to unsee this!'

I highly enjoy this series and can't wait to continue. It's becoming one of my favorites quickly.

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