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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Where Do I Buy Cheap Books? (Top 6)

This was actually requested in a few comments like forever ago but I'm been so busy with work, classes, and my grandmama. We found out she had colon cancer but thankfully, they were able to do surgery and it's all gone. Which is such a relief! 

Now onto the places, I get cheap books from! Most are online because sadly, there is only one good cheap bookstore close to me. Which is awesome. It's called Half Price Books and if you have one close and haven't been.... I must ask, why? What are you doing with your life? I got the whole Blue Blood series from there for less than (US)$10 and all but the first where hardcover. No joke. Awesome place. They do also have an online site so be sure and check that out. 

Now for the online places, which I use more than anything else. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE book stores, but sadly there isn't many around me. I have Barnes & Noble but everything there is cover price and when you don't have the most money, you have to try and get as many books as cheap as you can. I'm usually a fast reader. Reading at least two books a week if I'm having a good week. 

So, here is a list of the best websites that I know of. If you guys know of any that I haven't mentioned, leave the links below, sharing is caring! I actually look at a lot of websites before buying a book. Sometimes though, if I want the book that badly, I will simply go to Target and grab it. Sometimes you just got to have the book now, right? 

This website is awesome, free (US) shipping on orders over $10. They have used books that can less than $5 and they even sell new books but they're usually cover price. Used books are the way to go here. Every used book I've bought from here is like brand new. 

I love this site! I always buy new from here because they are just so cheap! If you've been following my Twitter or seen my latest book haul, than you know the deals I've gotten. There is no free shipping on this site though. Shipping starts out $3.99 (US) for two books.

This site is hit and miss. I've found some great buys on here and other times they suck. I actually got my sister the whole TMI series on ebay, brand new for only $15.00. Epic.

This one is a given. You can find cheap books on here if you look. I got Shatter Me for around $5. Not to mention that the new releases are usually cheaper and if you have Prime, free two day shipping is awesome. 

This site is pretty cool too. They have more than just books but when I last checked they had Glass Sword for only $13.99. Brand new, hardcover. Not bad really if you ask me. Though in this case, Amazon is still cheaper by a dollar. Like I said before, I check many sites before buying a book. Always trying to find the cheapest.

I know a lot of people will ask why I didn't add Book Depository to this list, the answer is simple, I ordered from there once and the book never arrived. So I contacted them and they nicely sent me out another copy.... which also never got here either. So I sent them another email and they just refunded me, I've never ordered from them again nor will I ever recommend it. Which is sad, I was so excited to use that site and get the cool UK editions of my favorite books. But that site is just not my friend. 

So this is the list, I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting at the moment but if you can't find the book you're looking for out of these sites than that's kind of sad actually. Hope this list is helpful and it aids you on your book buying journey! 

Happy reading my lovely sunflowers!  


  1. Great post! I haven't had any problems with Book Depository in the past so I'm sorry to hear about that and suppose I'm lucky. I usually end up buying from there or Amazon because the free shipping makes up for any difference in price somewhere else :)
    Enchanted by YA

    1. Yeah I hated that the book never arrived. I love Book Depository.... :(
      Amazon is the best place to buy books, like you said the free shipping helps a lot!

  2. I get so many of my books from Book Outlet. I love that place.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Yeah. It's really cheap and they have good stuff!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I haven't heard of some of these, and I'm definitely going to go check them out right now. :)

  4. I've used most of these sites myself, but never heard of the Moose one. I've never used book depository. Lately I've just been using B&N or half price. Sometimes Amazon. I've noticed that book outlet doesn't have a great selection for me and Thiftbooks has gone downhill the past year. Between me and a friend we keep having issues with them sending the correct book. They end up fixing it, but it happens a lot and what if I needed the book ASAP? Anyway, I hope you haven't had this experience with them! Great list. :D

    1. I've been lucky with Thriftbooks at least. Never had that problem /cross fingers I hope no don't!

      Half Price Books is my favorite! I love that place so much! I'd live there if I could lol