Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Okay so I have something really cool to share with you, well it's cool to me at least. I finally got an iPad so I can Instagram again! I haven't really added anything new yet but I plan too! It's going to be awesome, I swear. If you want to follow me (you know you do), I will follow back anyone who has a bookish account. 

So go on and just click on the link above, I don't bite.... much.

As for the other thing I wanted to share, I've been wanting to start a book club, but I'm nervous to go it alone, so I'm looking for either one or two people to join with me. We can work on a name for the book club together, so it's something we all like. As for how it would work out, we could start like a goodreads group and every month we decide on a book, read it, do the goodreads thing and also post reviews to ours blogs, along with questions about the books that the others write.

For example, I write 5 questions about the book as do the other(s) in the book club and we have to answer the questions and such. Something fun and just to get talking about books. I am also open to any ideas that you would have if you wanted to join me in this.  

So little Doves, just let me know below in the comments if you would like to join me on this, it would be really fun,