Friday, May 20, 2016

Feature & Follow Friday (#18)

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The Prompt
Ten Reasons You Love Your Fave Genre

So in order to answer this question, I have to have a favorite genre. Which I could never chose. I like two so much that I tried to choose between them and failed every single time. But I can name ten reasons why I love my two favorite genres. I will do five for fantasy and five for paranormal.


1) You can create your own world.

2) If you create your own world, you make the rules.

3) Unicorns. Yes, I'm putting that right here.

4) The plot's are almost always amazing!

5) The character development is usually fantastic.


1) Vampires are my weakness.

2) The romance in supernatural/paranormal books is just so much better.

3) Fairies are just so wicked. 

4) In paranormal I have found that there is more alternative/goth characters and to me that is so cool as I am heavy into that subculture. 

5) Have I mentioned how much I just adore vampires? No? Then I simply adore vampires.

So what are the reasons you love your favorite genre? Let me know below butterflies. Hope you have a great weekend!