Sunday, May 15, 2016

L.A. Candy - Review

Los Angeles is all about the sweet life: hot clubs, cute guys, designer...everything. Nineteen-year-old Jane Roberts can't wait to start living it up. She may be in L.A. for an internship, but Jane plans to play as hard as she works, and has enlisted her BFF Scarlett to join in the fun.

When Jane and Scarlett are approached by a producer who wants them to be on his new series, a "reality version of Sex and the City," they can hardly believe their luck. Their own show? Yes, please!

Soon Jane is TV's hottest star. Fame brings more than she ever imagined possible for a girl from Santa Barbara-free designer clothes, the choicest tables at the most exclusive clubs, invites to Hollywood premieres-and she's lapping up the VIP treatment with her eclectic entourage of new pals. But those same friends who are always up for a wild night are also out for a piece of Jane's spotlight.

In a city filled with people chasing after their dreams, it's not long before Jane wakes up to the reality that everyone wants something from her, and nothing is what it seems to be.

Book Breakdown 

This is is not very good but for some reason I kind of enjoyed it. It's going to be one of my super guilty pleasures. I mean Jane is too nice, to the point that she is stupid and blind. She gets into situations that if she just sat back and thought clearly wouldn't do. Maybe she is just so naive to how the world works, I don't know.

My favorite is Scarlett, I think she is a much better character, with a better level head on her shoulders. The author who wrote this was on that show, The Hills and it seems like she is just turning her experience on there into a book and not a very good book. There are no twists and turns, I saw everything coming from a mile away. Madison was a bitch from the start and it was just so easy to see that again, Jane just seems stupid.

The whole plot is Scarlett and Jane move to L.A. to start their life and they get discovered by a TV producer and then that TV show messes with their lives and Scarlett wants out but Jane likes it. Drama unfolds, romance, cat fights, bitches, and drinking.

So there really isn't much to say about this book, the writing is fine, nothing special but it's easy to follow. Most of the characters are pretty one dimensional and/or petty. There are no surprises in this book, everything is just easy to spot. So do I recommend this book? Nope. Unless you're like me and for some reason that I can't even fathom like this book.

Favorite Quotes

1) “The only way to belong is to act like you belong. Or to not give a shit whether you belong or not.”

2) “Love...who needed love? As long as she had her books and her friends and an occasional hookup, she was perfectly content.”