Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (#3)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic is ten books I picked up on a whim. I used to do this all the time. I still do sometimes but most of the time I usually check out books that have gotten great reviews from my fellow bloggers. They haven't let me down yet. I love you guys. But I will go with books I book on a whim, because even though I still have these books and want to read them, I haven't read them all yet. So many wonderful books and so little time. I know you butterflies totally understand that!

So this one, I actually find at my local library and I had heard nothing about it but the cover was so freaking awesome and it sounded good. So I got it and I read it. I loved it! This whole series is wonderful! Now I actually own all of it and I have no regrets at all! If you haven't read this series yet you so should! Stunning!

I was in Books A Million when I saw this book, this was back when there was only three out and I thought that was the end. Since this was before I was blogging, I'd not heard anything about this series and the cover was so breathtaking. I'm a sucker for beautiful dresses. It sounded like a fluffy light read and that was perfect for me at the time. So my little sister bought this book for me and I remember I read it in two days. Which was very good for me in the state I was in back then. I loved it and ended up getting the rest. What a cute series. 

This was another one that I found at the library back in 2014 before I was blogging. It was February and I just loved the cover! So I got it and read it in a few days. It was freaking amazing! I recently reread it and have a review coming up for it. Then I'm off to finish the series as I never got to before. I am so excited for it! 

I got this one from bookoutlet, I've still heard very little about it and I think it sounds good. I've yet to actually read it but I plan too! I want to read it very soon! Is it actually any good? Let me know if you've read it.

I got this back before when it first came out, it was such a pretty cover. Have you butterflies noticed yet that I've a sucker for pretty covers? Because I am. Completely. I mean that dress! I want that dress. Yeah, I have a problem...

My grandmama actually got this one for me one day when we were at Sam's Club, it hadn't been out long and I was out of things to read so I was reading the blurb and I thought it sounded pretty cool. So she told me she would get it for me. I didn't know it would grow into a series that I wish had never existed.... I mean that ending.... just ugh.

This one was my first ever book about fairies. I remember loving this book so much and wishing there was more like it. I mean it has hot alternative guys! What more could I want? I um... the plot is pretty cool too. But Seth.... yeah. 

As I have said before, this was the book that got me into my obsession with vampires. I found this one sitting on a bookshelf one day when my parents had dropped me off and I sat down and just started to read it. I loved it, I still enjoy the first four in this series. and they will forever hold a special place in my heart.

This was the first series I ever completed actually but I just have always been intrigued by the idea of Goddesses that when I read the blurb in the store I was hooked on this series. I even read this series to my younger sister, which I've also said before, haha. 

I know nothing of this book and I only got it because, can you guess? Surely you know by this point... the pretty dress! If you guessed that then you are correct! I need to read this one soon, it just sits on my shelf looking pretty, calling to me. 

So this is my list, what's yours? What books have you picked up on a whim?