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Who is Carrie? /// The Get to Know Me Tag

I was tagged by a sweetheart known as Fiona over at A Girl Between the Pages. If you aren't following her blog then you should. It's really a wonderful blog and her reviews are some of my favorites.

The Basics 

Name: Carrie Scarlett Artrip-Sallie

Nicknames: Cherry, Scar, and Carrie-Berrie (only my little sister is allowed to call me this lol. I've tried to stop her many times but she just doesn't care).

Birthday: 25th of April

Star Sign: Taurus

Occupation: Freelance writer, part time cashier, I'm also taking some Creative Writing classes. I'm also a full time mum. Busy busy!


Hair Color: Brown but is dyed black.

Hair length: Well not to give too much info but it comes to the top of my chest, so mid length is a good way to describe it.

Eye Color: I have hazel eyes that actually change color depending on two things. What color eye-shadow I'm wearing or my mood. 

Best feature: None.

Braces: Sadly no, I wish I had them when I was younger because I have this one teeth that is a wee bit crooked and it drives me insane.

Piercings: Ears and snake bites but I want a few more in the ears and maybe my nose...

Tattoos: None, sadly. I've wanted a few for years but I'm a chicken... I'm not the best with pain.

Right or left handed: Right handed! Though as a kid I could use either, I can't now, I lost that cool ability. 


Best friend: My very first best friend passed away in February of this year. We were best friends in grade school up until she left in sixth grade, then life took us in different directions and she got into the wrong crowd. Drinking and drugs all the time and it led to her death. Stay away from drugs and drinking!

Award: None that I can think of off the top of my head. So I'm guessing no, haha.

Sport: Volleyball! I used to love to play. Sadly it got to the point where my health wouldn't allow me to play. Still won't.

Real holiday: My family went to Disney World one year during Christmas break and it was so amazing. My family was so happy and together and that was so very rare. My family never really got along very well but for this two weeks, they did. Some of the best times then.

Concert: My first real concert was in NY, also the first time I got to go to NY and it was amazing! I saw SMTOWN (my favorites were SNSD, BoA, and SHINee), I will never forget it.


Film: Ever After, the one from 1997, with Drew Barrymore.

TV Show: Attack on Titan, Vampire Knight, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, The 100, Dollhouse, Game of Thrones, and more I'm sure I'm missing on the top of my head.

Color: Aqua or black

Song: Way too many to even name.

Restaurant: Olive Garden or Cracker Barrel.

Shop: Any book store. I can spend hours there and it drives my partner insane haha. As for clothing stores.... Hot Topic or Spencer's. Most of my clothes come from Goodwill as I can find my style without paying an arm and a leg or it.

Books: A Court of Thorns and Roses, Blue Bloods, Throne of Glass, White Hot Kiss.... I really could go on for a long time on this one haha.

Shoes: Converse or what my mother likes to call 'hooker boots'.

Feeling: Nervous, lots of things have happened recently and I just... or maybe tired.

Single or Taken: Taken by the most perfect man. If you read this honey, I love you.

Eating: Dove Chocolate. The best chocolate I have ever eaten.

Thinking About: Blog posts and how behind I am on answering comments! I will answer them I swear!

Watching: The Walking Dead.

Wearing: Black wash jeans with a dark red shirt.


Children: I already have a little girl and maybe far into the future, I would a little boy. But two is more than enough for me.

Marriage: Currently, I am engaged. We are planing our wedding though and hope it.

Careers: I want to be a New York Times Best Selling Author. It's what I've always dreamed of. I've loved writing since sixth grade. It's still my passion besides reading.

Where You Want to Live: Somewhere cold. Like Boston or London. Though part of me will always want to go back to my hometown of Nashville though it's just too hot there and too much bad weather.

Do You Believe In....

God: Yes but I will leave that there.

Miracles: Yes, my daughter is living proof of that as am I.

Love at First Sight: Nope. There is no such thing. I don't care what anyone says. There is lust at first sight but true love builds over time. That's also why I hate insta-love.

Ghosts: Nah, there aren't real.

Aliens: Nope.

Soulmate: I want to say yes.

Heaven/Hell: Not really sure.

Kissing on the first date: I'm old fashioned so no, kissing on the first date isn't good. Plus, in my experience it makes men think you're open to doing other things.

Yourself: I like to think I do.

Who I'm Tagging

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