Monday, June 20, 2016

Music Monday (4) - Nightcore Take Over

Music Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren over at Always Me.

Okay so I love Nightcore. Silly I know, most people don't even know this about me as the few I told in person thought I was the weirdest person ever but whatever. I love it. It makes ballads much better. Usually I am not a fan of any song that doesn't have some kind of beat. ballads are just too slow for my tastes. That doesn't mean I don't like any ballads as I do, just very rarely.

So these are two the songs I've been listening to a lot, it helps my writing and the first one makes me cry and helps with the sad heartbreaking scenes. I'm strange, I know. I hope you enjoy these two songs as much as I do!

Top - Marionette by Antonia (Nightcored)

Bottom - E for Extinction by Thousand Foot Krutch (Nightcored)