Sunday, June 26, 2016

Soundtrack to My Life (Book Tag)

Okay so no one actually tagged me in this, it just looked really fun and so I wanted to join in on all the fun! Hope you guys enjoy this with me. As for I will tag, you'll have to make it to the end to see if it's you! 

Sadly I didn't read much as a little kid but I started really reading around 12 years old and I have a book series that I loved around that age. It's not popular and I'm sure most have never even heard of it but it's special to me. That series is: Daughters of the Moon.

This series always gets me out of a reading slump, but for some reason, this book is my favorite. I don't know why but I've read it more times than I kept track of. If you haven't read the Lux series you should like right now! You are seriously missing out!

I still remember this, it was the year I did two grades in one (5th-6th), my teacher had me doing something a little different from the rest of the group, since I couldn't sit in her classroom and do book discussions with the other 6th graders at the time, she had me reading the same books they did by myself and it was so nice because she loved reading too. So where it was just her and I after school, we really got to get into this book and I even later bought her the others in the series for her birthday.

Jennifer L Armentrout gets this place right here. I love her work so much that I would read anything she puts out. No one beats her characters. They are so funny and awesome.
From Goodreads

I love the action in this whole series, I think it't great and it really gets my heart going every single time. Great series.

I tried to read this book, open minded like I do every book, but this.... I don't know, just wasn't my thing really. 

Instead of just one book, I have a whole series that I wish everyone else would read because it is truly amazing and I love it! The Blue Blood series! Do you like vampires? Fallen Angels? Hot guys? If you answered yes to any of these then try this series!

This book left me sobbing when he left and now when I reread it, I laugh at how seriously messed it up is that she did nothing but be depressed that long. She should've moved on, life is worth living even if the guy you love dumps you, time will mend your heart. 

Just one?! I have to choose only one! I can't..... one!? I... can't compute this... I can not chose just one! That would be like telling me to chose my favorite color, just can't happen. Sorry.

It would probably have been a book from TMI, I loved that series so much then! Not that I don't love it now because I do lol. But yeah I was loving that series so much!

This story is so heartbreaking and adorable and it hits me in the feels every damn time I read it. It's that go to book for every time I'm unsure what to read. Cam is a wonderful book boyfriend. 

This was the first book I finally got to read after 3 years of not reading. I won't go into many details about it but there was there years that I simply couldn't focus on a book, my nerves made it where I had to be moving at all times and it was hard to focus at all. After my surgery, I read this book and it was like I was me again, I actually could read again. The best feeling in the world, anytime I even look at this book I tear up, it's silly but it means everything to me.

No spoilers but if you've read this series, I'm sure you know what I mean.

I really like this epilogue, it shows that even though everything is perfect it's getting better. There is a bright spot in the darkness. It's sweet.

So if you made it all the way through this post then you get to see who I'm tagging! Is it you? 

Also if I didn't tag you and you want to do this tag, just do what I did. Do it! It was so much fun and that's all that really matters anyway.