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E-Books Vs Paper Books

Now I'm sure by now that everyone knows I love paper copies of books. There is nothing better than holding a book in your hand and smelling the pages. I told myself I would never ever read an ebook but then my partner got me a kindle and an iPad and I started blogging... ebooks has become how I get ARCS (I'm too nervous to actually ask a big company for a paper ARC, my blog is just to small and I don't want the rejection). So I got a few ebooks and decided it's not so bad after all. So I got to thinking about the good and bad of both and thus, this list was born. 

Paper Copies (PROS)

Never needs charging.
That new books smell! It's the best!
You don't have to zoom in to see all the details (if you're reading manga).
Reading in the shower or bath is much easier. No steam on the screen
Nothing beats holding a real flesh and blood book in your hands.
Touching the cover, flipping those pages.
That crisp sound the pages make when you turn them.
Easier to get other people talking about the book, like when they see the cover.
No distractions. 


Books can be heavy! I got mainly hardcovers and boy when I want to read them in bed... hard.
You can only carry a few of them when you leave.
Can't read without light.
You can crease the spine!!! I hate when this happens to me, I end up selling the back and getting a new copy.
Harder to update on Goodreads. I mean I have to put the book down and get my tablet and then find the book and type the page count in.
Usually costs more than an ebook.
The bookstore can be over an hour away. Which is my case and it sucks so much. I haven't been to an actual bookstore in over two months. Sad fact.

E-Books (PROS)

If you like those dirty romance books with trashy covers and don't want anyone to see the covers... this is perfect! 
Lightweight. Which is lovely for people like me with weak wrists.
You can carry your whole library with you! 
Saving trees.
You can read in any light at all. 
Can highlight without ruining the book.
So easy to download ARCS.
Super easy to update Goodreads.
Usually cheaper.
You can get a book without leaving the house!


Can't read in shower.
Needs Charging a lot.
Having to zoom in to read manga.
Can easily get sidetracked by anything on the web.
Doesn't feel as personal or as real (at least to me).
Can't admire an ebook on a book shelf. 

Did I mess anything? Let me know before your reasons for liking which format you do. Happy reading Sunflowers!

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