Friday, August 12, 2016

Feature & Follow Friday (Audiobooks)

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So the topic for this week is audiobooks.

Do you listen to adiobooks? Who are your favorite narrators? (If not an audiobook listerner - why don't you listen to audiobooks?)

So I love the idea of audiobooks and I have listened to a few. I wish I could listen to more as they are just so cool! The only problem for me about audiobooks are the fact that I don't have enough time for them and even as fast as they are speeded ones (digital), they are still not fast enough for me. I'm a speed reader... so yeah. 

So while I think they are completely awesome and useful! (If I had a long commute to work I would so listen to audiobooks but right now I have a ten minute drive and when we move I'm going to start walking to work most days as we will be that freaking close!). They just don't work for me. I read too fast and can finish a book reading it much faster and with so many books I want to read and get through, it just doesn't work for. Plus, if you buy them, they can be very expensive. 

So what about you butterflies? Do you listen to a lot of audiobooks?