Friday, September 23, 2016

Feature and Follow Friday - Book Betrayal Story

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So I have one book betrayal story. The only time I ever lent a book out to someone. It was way back in grade school for me. There was this girl who also liked to read and where I'd recently gotten into reading, so I decided to talk about the book series with her, she said they sounded really good and wanted to read them. So I let her borrow the first two so she could read them.

A week went by and she said nothing about the books. I thought this was odd as she was a huge speed reader, but maybe she had to study a lot. She was top of the class after all. Two weeks, not a word and during this time she started to treat me differently. She stayed away from me and hardly ever talked. So I gave it another week before I went over and talked to her.

She told me that she'd ruined one book and wasn't giving me back the other. I asked why, I was way too nice back then to really get mad at her. I was meek and quiet. She told me it was because of the boy she liked. He liked me and she was mad. Sad thing is, I didn't even like the boy and I never got those books back. Ever.

So after that, I've never lent out a book to anyone and I don't ever plan too. I have trust issues when it comes to my books, I even taught my little sister how to correctly hold them as to not break the spine. I'm trying to teach my partner take but he's harder to train lol.

So I learned my lesson the hard way, sadly and lost a friend as well. What about you guys? What's your story? Let me know below! As always have a great day and happy reading!