Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday's Discussion - Diversity

So this is going to really something that has been bothering me for a while but I'm been nervous to say anything but I decided not to care anymore and I'm just going to put my thoughts out there.

I am warning everyone, there might be some things that offend you, turn back now if you get easily offended.

Diversity. It's a word we all know now. It's either something we are all for or hate it completely. I am one of those that are all for it. We need more diversity in books, movies, TV, and so on. Though here is where I get pissed.

So many 'fans' of Sarah J Maas are getting pissed at her that her characters are all white, and straight. Or they getting angry that even though she made a bi character but he's still with a girl. I understand where people are coming from, so please don't think I don't. The world is so much more beyond white and straight. 

But I think this is completely not right. We should never ever, send death threats and attack people. Ever. Does anyone stop to think how this makes the author feel? I'd feel like quitting if some of those things were said to me. How meanly they were said. 

Or I saw on Twitter how some people were getting upset at Victoria Schwab because her book had only white characters. People were completely angry at her for it. Again, I understand why they are angry and I agree. I just hate the way everyone is going about it. How they are hurting the author for it.

 I mean we do need diversity but don't go and be mean to the author, they still work so hard on their stories. They pour their blood, sweat, and tears into these things. Trust me, I'm currently doing to same thing with my own story.

If we want more diverse books we have to buy them more, spread the word of them more. Get them to the forefront of book sells but that doesn't give anyone the right to get pissed and hurt an author for their stories not being just want the reader wanted. It's their story, not ours. There are many books out there that I don't like. I don't go bash the author and tell them to die. I just give my review and move on. 

I guess what is just really bothering me about this is how it seems to be pushing all of us apart. I used to feel like the blogging world was so close and inviting but everywhere I look now it's turned into some kind of war. 

I saw somewhere that a blogger has decided not to read anything unless it has diverse characters and that would be one way to send a message, if more started doing that, the publishing companies would follow the money as that's all they really care about.

Personally, when I get a book to read, I just read the description and if it sounds good to me that's what I go for. I don't look to see if the characters are white (though my grandmother was full Native American) and bi and Wiccan. So I've never found a book that represents me personally (though if any of you know of one, please let me know). Everyone wants to read a book about themselves. I can understand that, I really do. Also at the same time, I read to escape the world I live in. If every character was just like me and lived in my fucked up world, I would quit reading. I want to read about different people. So I'm pretty sick of seeing the same old, same old. Even more so in YA. 

I fully support diverse reads, I would love to read more about other cultures and people and how they live. I love being taken to another place and seeing new things. That's why I read in the first place. 

My main point; I just wish in the fight for diverse reads, we'd stop clawing at the authors and even at each other. We are so much stronger when we stand together. Don't hate and bash, an author works so hard and then to get death threats... there is no need for that. Let's just push harder for diverse reads without becoming bullies.

I love you all! I'm sorry for the rant but I just had to get this out. Have a great day and happy reading. 

PS, this is not edited and I'm sorry if there is lots of mistakes. Also if anyone has read some really good diverse reads, please let me know below, I'm looking for some new ones.