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Friday, October 7, 2016

50/50 Friday - Underrated/Overrated Book

Welcome to the very first 50/50 Friday! This meme will go up every Friday at midnight. I can't wait to see who all links up and what your choices are for this topic.

So I book I think is underrated. I actually have a series I think is underrated. I've talked about it a lot. The Blue Blood series. I love it! The character development is top notch and the plot is great. Lots of action. I don't see why this series didn't do well.

An overrated book... this may get me some hate but I'm being honest. Red Queen. It's not a bad book but it doesn't deserve the hype it got in my opinion. It really feels like a been there and done that kind of book. Nothing feels original. The characters are pretty thin.

I never even read the second one... Glass Sword I think. I don't even plan too. I'm sorry if this is your favorite book ever. I'm glad you like it, I just didn't much.

Next Week's Topic

Book to the big screen/Never to the big screen

Have a great weekend and as always happy reading!


  1. I actually haven't read The Red Queen yet! The cover looks gorgeous and the blurb sounds pretty interesting. It sucks that you think it wasn't all that original, though. When you read a lot of fantasy like me, things get old really fast so I'm not so sure about it. I guess we'll see!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Yeah I wanted to love it, the cover is beautiful and it sounded so good, I just didn't really connect with it I guess.

  2. I have heard that many people dislike the Blue Bloods series and I don't think it's underrated. I have not read Red Queen but I agree that it's everywhere. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award and you can check it out here: https://abookparadise.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/liebster-award-8.html

  3. I fully agree with you about Red Queen. I rated it 3 stars. It was okay, but it just wasn't unique enough for me. I have no desire to continue the series either.