Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October Wrap Up!

I read so many books this month! I've also been working my ass off and been through a lot. It's amazing to see how much I read now that we live in our own apartment instead of sharing a place with others.  I've read a total of 25 books! Yes, some of these are manga but still this is so great for me! 

So what did I read this month?

I read Hot Gimmick volumes 1-6

The Raven Boys

Origin (Lux #4) 

An Ember in the Ashes

A Torch Against the Night

Happy Marriage Volume 10 

Oleah Chronicles: Justice

Arrivals (Tremontaine #1.1)

Umta (ReMade 1.5)

Reality No-Show (ReMade 1.6)

Lessons in Gravity 

Nobody's Goddess

The Dream Protocol 

Scarlet Rain

Untitled Beauty 

The Lovely Reckless

Mourning Train (ReMade 1.7)

End of the Line (ReMade 1.8)

Whiteout (ReMade 1.9) 

P.S. I Love You