Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Shadowhunters (S2) Episode 2 - Review

It's that time again! Time to bang my head into a wall while one of the best series around gets ripped to pieces. I swear, sometimes this show makes me really love the movie. How did this even get picked up for another season? Someone, PLEASE, explain this to me! I can't wait for the new show runners to get in there. I hope they fix this.

Now before we go on, I do want to say that there is some great things in this episode. I love the moments between the characters. There was some really great stuff. I just wish I had gotten more. My biggest complaint with this episode is that every scene is so damn short. It felt like the longest scene was maybe 3-4 minutes. I don't know how long they actually were but if you watch, I know you'll know what I mean.

So we get more weird memory ruin crap. Do these writers or whatever just make up things as they go along for plot? I'm really curious about that. I do hate the way that everyone is mean to Simon, it was the same last episode too and it's driving me insane! He's one of the best actors on here. 

I feel badly for Clary not really knowing where she fits in, I would have felt it a lot more had the scene been longer but we jump so fast I feel like I got whiplash. I wish Izzy and Clary would get more scenes together. I also wish they would replace the actress playing Clary. I honestly don't mind anyone else. But sometimes she just doesn't work for me.

When Izzy took down that big guy... I don't even know what to think, she's so awesome and badass but at the same time I found myself cringing during that part. Anyone else? I can't put my finger on why but I just... I don't know. Ugh.

I do like that the show has gone a little darker, like with the guy who slit his own neck rather than give up Valentine. That was a nice touch. I also really love the actor playing Luke. He's awesome! I honestly, can't see Luke as anyone but him anymore. Simon is always wonderful and my heart just keeps going out to him for how mean everyone is. I also like that Magnus has offered to help him. I think that's going to be fun to see play out.

Though Clary is so stupid when the plot needs her to be, it's rather sad. Book Clary isn't that stupid. Nor do I think movie Clary was either. I feel for Dot. They did quit looking for her and so Valentine got her... I wonder what he's going to do to her now. Clary was kind of a bitch for leaving her. For not finding a way to get her out too. 

My biggest gripe with this show is how juvenile it feels. The books weren't like this. They could have created such an awesome atmosphere but it really feels so dumbed down. I don't know who their target audience is and it doesn't feel like it's me and I'm a huge fan of the books so it could be people like me. People like us. 

I hope it gets better. I don't want to see this adaption fail too. 

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