Thursday, February 9, 2017

Book Bans: Do We Need Them?

So this is all about book bans. These have been around for a very long time and we all know why books gets banned. For some reason a person or group of people think the book has themes that are bad or that may impress upon the minds of readers terrible things. 

I think these are unneeded. I mean if there is something in those books that bother you or you don't want your kid to read than that should be up the parent or yourself. I think by banning the book you make kids want to read it more. Kids are such rebels. 

I think it's wrong to mark someone's hard work as bad or something that should be hidden in the dark, never to be read. They are just books. Yes, some books can change the way we think and see the world. 

But banning books like Harry Potter and Twilight. These books don't hurt anyone. When I was growing up, HP was actually banned from reading in my religion (I'm not in that religion anymore), I was told that reading HP would send me to hell because it had witches and the occult in it. It would open my mind up to Satan and demons.

Those books did no such things. They are books. They take our minds to wonderful places. Harry Potter actually teaches some pretty good lessons. 

So again, I think book bans are not needed. We can guide ourselves when it comes to what we want to fill our minds and we can do the same for our kids. If there is a book that you don't think your child should read then you make that choice. There is no need for book bans.

So tell me what you think below. Should books be banned or should you chose for yourself?