Thursday, February 2, 2017

Discussion Challenge #2 - Why is YA Frowned Upon?

Okay I just want to jump into this because it happened to me again. I was look through a used bookstore, in the YA section because that's really all I read. A woman came over and asked me how I was and then then I started talking to her for a minute and then she asked me why I was looking in this section when this was for 'kids'. I needed to be in the romance section where all the good books were. 

I being the scared person I am went over to look at the romance section and listened to her go on and on about this book and why it was soooo good. I left without buying anything and ranted the whole way home to my partner. 

Why do people look down on YA? 

I mean I honestly don't understand. Just because the MC is a young adult doesn't mean the book is childish or lesser for these facts. It also doesn't meant that everything is 'dumbed' down. I just got done reading a book that wasn't dumbed down at all. I've also heard the complaint that YA has so sex in it. I guess these people haven't heard of Paper Princess. It has some sex in there.

My point is, YA has everything that these people are looking for. Great plots, complicated plots, sex, great characters, and they are just as good as anything else.