Sunday, February 19, 2017

Shadowhunter Sunday - Episode 6 - Iron Sisters

I actually like what they've done with the Iron Sisters so far. Hopefully it stays that way.

I will always love how Izzy and Clary interact, they are a wonderful duo. OMG you guys... Izzy and the Yin Fin is killing me. It's so heartbreaking to watch this. When her hand was shaking when she was in Aldertree's office, I was tearing up. No Izzy, why!?

Aldertree is already using Izzy, that did not take long at all. Ugh, I want him dead. Someone needs to kill him now.

Am I the only one who thought that the scene with Luke and the deer... did that remind you guys of Twilight at all? Just me.. okay. 

Simon is so wonderful and doesn't get enough screen time. I love his line about aways being nervous. He's so cute. I also like this new Maya and Simon thing. How they interact. It's also nice to see Simon smile and be happy for once.

I will say that I don't this episode is as good as the last one but it's still better than all of the first season. That thing made me laugh in places that wasn't laughable. 

Luke has a sister that is an Iron Sister?! Was that in the books? I never read the last two so it may be and I just don't know it... someone help me out here please.

The pool scene with Magnus and Alec had me cracking up. I loved it so much. I actually laughed and enjoyed the scene. I also felt so bad for Alec... I wonder what Magnus thought when he found out that Alec never had a relationship before. My poor Alec. 

I can't believe that Aldertree got to Izzy and she thought Clary could have demon blood too. Ugh, Izzy, you're smarter than this! Poor Izzy and the Yin Fin... she didn't get to go with Clary and all she's ever wanted to do is be an Iron Sister. At least now she knows Yin Fin is bad now. Hopefully things will work out... 

I don't want the show to just get a quick answer to this Yin Fin drama but I also don't want Izzy dying, I'm so torn! 

I just love this actor playing Luke, I think he does a great job and I want him as a father figure! He's so awesome and sweet and very smart.

17,000! I can't even, poor Alec. It will be okay, Magnus loves you! Don't worry about the past. You're his future, that's more important. 

Simon and Maya found Luke! I like that they helped him through his pain and brought him back, I feel so badly for him, how lost he feels. 

I'm so proud of Izzy not giving up the info she has on Clary. Woot woot!

Though this episode left me with my mouth open... 

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