Sunday, February 26, 2017

Shadowhunter Sunday - How Are Thou Fallen - EP 7

Well my favorite Iron Sister is evil... great. Not.

Magnus and Alec are still my favorites in this whole show which is weird because they are second in the books but these two actors are just so great and I love every scene they are in and wish they were in more. 

Also, I'm a little pissed with Clary for getting all goggly eyed for Simon when she saw him without his shirt. So it's like she only noticed him then? The guy is hot and sweet girl, you're stupid for just seeing that now. Is this how they are going to play in the love triangle bit? 

I feel so badly for Izzy, she's really struggling with Yin Fin and now she's pushing Clary away for not telling her about the Rune she created. Which I don't blame her for. Izzy has been there for Clary and then Clary doesn't trust her?

Also, I hate to say this but I really dislike TV show Jace more and more. He's just so different from book Jace and even movie Jace. I don't care that they made changes from the book, I'm not that kind of person but I just don't like TV Jace. Sorry. 

Magnus is adorable and I love how he's falling hard for Alec. I also love how awesome Magnus is and how well he can see through Izzy. Also, he said 'Jem'. They fucking mentioned Jem!!!!!!! Sorry I will try and reign myself in now. It's just so hard when anyone from TFD are mentioned. 

Izzy really needs help, she can't keep going this way. I hate seeing her this way. I love Izzy and she doesn't deserve this. This show is starting to rip my heart out. 

I am loving Maya and Simon and I think they are cute as can be. I also actually liked how Jace and Simon were at the bar. I don't know why as they were pretty mean to each other but it felt very book like and real. I liked it.

I really did like how smart Clary was with Luke's sister, it's one of the only times she'd actually being smart and I just love it when she is. Smart Clary is the best Clary.

"Dazzle me." HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG! Best line in this whole episode. It came from Jace, I can't even believe it. 

Best use of the stupid shape shifting rune ever. Jace turning into Simon just to prove a point. This whole scene is just too funny, I couldn't stop laughing my butt off. 

Clary is now being stupid again, how could she do that to Luke? Not Luke.... ugh. I bet this blows up in her face. I hope it doesn't but I just don't see this ending very well. Running off with Valentine follower is never a good idea. 

I freaking knew that Luke would go and get Jace, so he can save Clary and bring them closer together and blah blah blah. 

Clary hears Angels now? Yeah...

I love Simon and Maya, I love how good she is for him. I love their friendship. 

OMG..... the soul sword and the vision and I just can't right now. Alec and Magnus had sex and the Jace and Clary saved the angel and my mind is really blown right now. 

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