Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shadowhunter Sunday - S2 EP5

You guys I have to fully gush about this wonderful Episode. It's almost everything I want from this show. It's till not as good as the books as they've went way too far off from those but it's actually enjoyable now. It's actually turning into a real show that can lean on it's own.

The opening scene with Alec and Jace was perfect. How Alec is feeling so guilty for killing Clary and Jace's mum. It was so true to Alec's character. Though him jumping off the building... 

My biggest moment was how Aldertree gave Izzy Yn Fin.... yes that stuff. I couldn't even process it. I still can't even.... that stuff is going to kill her. he can't just wean off of it. What does this mean for her now? I think that this means Aldertree is going to control her and use her. I'm not sure how yet but he's playing something and she fell into his plans. 

The worst part for me was the whole Clary being used to make Warlock babies. I mean, I don't want to give spoilers for anything but.... yeah. You know what I'm meaning if you have read TID. Does this mean there are more like you know who? 

I did enjoy seeing how torn up Clary was over all this and while I can understand her reasons for wanting her mum back, she should have listened to Magnus. He knows his stuff girl! Listen to him.

I do like how we got some insight into Magnus with the story of his mum. It's sad for Magnus and you could see how it still hurts him.

I also like how they are starting to pull Jace and Clary together again. It's slower and I like it better than how they did it in the first season. They rushed that so much.

So overall, this was the best episode of Shadowhunters to date. If this series can stay this way, this show will turn into one of my favorites. 

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