Sunday, February 5, 2017

Shadowhunter Sunday

So this is my thoughts and feelings of Episode 4. There is spoilers ahead so he warned and turn back until you've watched the episode. Unless you like Spoilers like I do, than go on ahead! 

I love that opening scene with Jace and Clary. To me if felt like the first real scene they'd have together all through this whole show. I should not have had to waited to get a scene like this! I need more of this!

I also hope that Magnus and Alec get their first date soon, I like it would be so cute and something nice to lighten up all the darkness in this show. I know the books are also pretty dark but even they have some light moments. 

I also want to plant the theory that Aldertree is not who he says he is. I think with how much they have shown that stupid shape shifting rune that he is someone else... probably Sebastian. I really, really hope I'm wrong.

Magnus and Raphael... I'm not sure if I like how they made Magnus like a dad to all the downworlders... it's really not very Magnus like in my eyes. I'll see where this goes I guess. 

Simon is getting bolder and I loved his Scarface comment. It was too funny and I laughed my butt off!

Lydia went down so damn easy that it's hard to but her as a badass. She was rather pathetic in this scene and that I don't like. She's a badass Shadowhunter that has trained for years and then goes down like that? Alec had to save her? No way. They should have written her to be stronger.

I also can't even with that ending... Jocelyn is dead... just like that. They just killed her without any thought. She and Luke just kissed and everything and I was hoping for wedding plans. So yeah that ending through me for a loop and still not sure how it works for me.

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