Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday - Books I Wish Had More Kissing

This weekly meme is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish.

So for this week I'm telling giving you 10 books I wish had more kissing in them. I'm a sucker for romance and kissing and some books just need more kissing or better kiss scene in some cases.... but let's not go there today! 

10) The Raven King
I want more! I also want better kisses! 

9) RoseBlood
I just want more from this book period but more kissing would be super great!

8) Falling Kingdoms
I think this series would have been better with some kissing. Maybe that was why it didn't blow my skirt up the way I wanted it too. Who knows.

7) Hello, I Love You
It just need more kissing, plain and simple.

6) The Winner's Trilogy
I enjoyed this series a lot but it would have been better with more kissing.

5) PS I Love You
A romance novel should have more kissing.

4) A Torch Against the Night
I am in love with this series so far but it would be better if we had a few more kisses.

3) Storm Siren 
This was an amazing book! I just wish the two had at least more kiss....

2) The Falconer
I think a few more kisses would have helped the romance in this one.

1) Shadow and Bone
I would have loved to see more kissing between her and the Darkling. Because I'm one of those people love that love the Darkling.