Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why I Would be the Perfect Sidekick

Okay so I've done why I'd be a great heroine and why I'd be an awful villain. Now I will list the reasons I'd be a great sidekick, which I think I'd fit the best at. So here are six reasons.

1) I am very loyal to my friends and family, so I will always have my hero's back, no matter the danger.

2) I don't like being in the spotlight, I mean I could handle it but I don't like it. So I wouldn't get jealous when my hero got all the glory.

3) I can be funny and everyone knows you can't be a sidekick unless you're funny or awkward.

4) I'm more than willing to do the stuff that my hero wouldn't want to do. I'm ready to help them with their goal of taking out the bad guy.

5) When my hero starts to despair or think we can never get through this. I'll be there to help them see that we will and can do this. I'll pick them up and set them back to our goal.

6) I'm willing to die to save my hero. Again, I'm so loyal to those I care about that I would give my life for theirs.