Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Your New Obsession: ShelfJoy

So the awesome people at ShelfJoy reached out to me and asked for me to review this new website. I had heard a little about this site and had been meaning to check it out. 

So what is ShelfJoy? I can't really compare it to anything as it's unique and something I've never seen before. It is something fun to use though. It's also super easy to use. The whole point is to label books on a shelf. 

I have two that I'm working on. One is YA for Adults and the other is YA Book to Screen 2017. There is so many more out there! Do you love the Gilmore Girls? They have a shelf for all the books mentioned on that show. Maybe you'd like something a little more heavy and real. They have a shelf about immigrants and their life in America.

What's really cool is where they are a new site, there is still so many shelves to be made! So your creative side can go to town! I think I'll be working on a YA retelling shelf next. The options are endless. It's it's really nice when you're in the mood for something but can't seem to find a book that follows that theme. You can here. 
Isn't he cute? He's always ready to give you a book/shelf recommendation. 

There is no star rating system which I found I like. Instead there are these little emojis and you chose the one that fits how you felt about the book the most. I found I've been using the one with the hearts in the eyes. I love way too many books. Wait, can you love too many books? Nah.

The only downside I have seen to this site, is the only way if offered me to sign up was with Twitter. Which was awesome and easy, if you have a Twitter. If you don't you'll have to pass on this awesome site for now.  The site is free and doesn't cost a thing. Which is nice as being being in between jobs I can't really afford to spend money on things I want. Which means I've been buying less books... I know you guys, the struggle is real!

So seriously, sign up here and follow me. I'll follow back. I can't wait to see all the wonderful shelves you guys make.