Thursday, March 9, 2017

Before I Fall - Movie Mini Review

This movie ripped my heart out and then stepped on it right in front of me. It also made me so angry that I wanted to throw my popcorn at it. 

It does follow the book very well I think. Though I read the book years ago so I could be forgetting some things. I loved the acting, I thought everyone did a great job with their parts.

I think it's sad this movie didn't do as well because except for a few minor things, I really enjoyed it. Though it did cause me to cry, a lot. The ending...



I don't remember if I hated Lindsey so much in the book as I hate her in the movie and how she should have been the one to die for being the bitch she was. I don't understand why Sam, the one that was the best of the group, had to die. 

I get it, she was a bitch but Lindsey was the real bitch. This should have been her story and then maybe I wouldn't have hated her character so much. 

I mean... I'm glad Sam saved Juliet and that Sam became a good person in the end. She learned what life was really about. It's just sad that after learning that, she had to die. While the other three bitchy characters got to live. It's so unfair but then, life isn't fair. 

The movie will suck you in, if you like the book, you will like this movie. I just hated that the other three girls got to live in and continue to be bitches while the character who redeemed herself had to go.