Sunday, March 12, 2017

Shadowhunter Sunday - Bound by Blood - Ep 9

So this episode opens up to Clary and Simon making out in his canoe and while I think it's meant to be hot, it's just kind of funny and cute.

Anyone else laughing to death when Simon's shirt hits Jace? I mean that was too funny. I enjoyed it more than I should. I love Simon's lines the most out of any character. Also his line about hiding, makes sense. What should Clary be hiding right where Valentine will look for her? 

Why does everyone have to ruin my wonderful Malec moments! Ugh. Also why don't they use cell phones for often? That's a good question. 

Note to self: Never take a blood oath, shit happens.

Aldertree is a freak and needs to leave Izzy alone. Every time he's on the screen I get 'rapey' vibes from him. I'm glad Izzy turned him down. Creep.

Maya tried to kill Clary... I sense jealously because she had Simon. Yeah that's another reason she wants her dead, besides the whole saving Downworld kind of thing. Anyone else? 

I am falling hard for Raphael and I love the way he and Izzy are together. Is it weird that I hope they get together? Even if it's only for a little while... 

Poor Maya as much as I hate what she did, I still feel bad for her.

I kind of hate when they do things like this, talking about Clary and her might be death. They would never kill off Clary, we'd all be outraged and quit watching the show, which means no money for them. So it's hard for me to feel the danger level.

I do love the scene with Clary and Simon on the van, it was so heartfelt and touching. 

Now Alec knows about Izzy. Shit is going down! 

Jace found Valentine, more shit is going down!

The little girl playing Madzie is adorable! I just had to point that out. Such cute big eyes! I'm a sucker for big eyes. 

The vampire and the Shadowhunter. I hope this happens, Izzy and Raphael are cute together. 

I don't like how Izzy is treating Alec, I really want to smack some sense into her. This is why you don't do drugs kids. It makes you stupid. and hurts the ones closet to you.

Holy Shit, it's going down again! Clary is now with Valentine. 

Simon is sexy when he's angry. I am really starting to like him more and more.

I love Alec! He's so kickass and badass and just I'm at a loss for words with how awesome he is. Finally someone put Aldertree in his place! YES!!!! That was my favorite scene in the whole episode.

I wonder, now that Valentine has Simon if this is where the boat stuff will happen and he'll be a daywalker soon. That would be nice but the show doesn't follow the books well, so I've no idea.

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