Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunhunters Sunday - Episode 8 - Love is a Devil

Poor Izzy... I say that so much these days, poor Izzy or poor Simon but I feel so bad for them! I hate that she's so hooked on the Yin Fin and I just want her safe already.

Magnus and Alec are the best part of this show, I swear. 

Also Max is back. I love how cool he is for such a young kid. I also wish that Alec's mother would accept Alec and Magnus' relationship. They are great together and she needs to see that!

I wish Simon and Clary would get together in the show, I like his character better than Jace's. I'm so glad they finally kissed but I know this is going to end badly. 

Simon and Maya kissed! Just after he got with Clary.... that makes no sense. Did I miss something? 

Magnus gives the best advice. I love him so much. 

Izzy needs to listen to Raphael and just sweat it out. I hate and like that they are using him for this. I don't want him in trouble because I actually like him but it's better him than someone else.

Maryse is a bitch and I hope she dies, I really want her to die. She doesn't deserve to keep on living with her attitude. I hope she gets better or does really die.

Everyone is losing their minds! I can't even think things through. Magnus needs to fix this soon. So that was why Simon kissed Maya and it makes sense now. 

I knew it was the woman that Valentine talked to in the park! I knew it! Also Magnus is so badass and I am so glad he got a do a little bit of fighting in this episode. I just love him so much. I'm also so glad that he fixed the spell. Is there anything he can't do? 

They know Clary has angel blood now, that's a step in the right direction. 

Simon and Clary really are a cute couple, just like Jace said. We all know it won't last forever though. Oh, Jace swore to never let Clary out of his sight. 

Maryse just confessed that Robert is cheating on her... yeah.

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