Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday's Discussion - Rating a Book You've Never Read

So, I've seen this a lot in the past few weeks and I got to think this would be a great discussion! 

Now, I want to say that I personally do not think it's right to rate a book you've never read. I mean if you've never read a book, you have no opinion on it. I mean, I'm sorry but reading a review from someone else doesn't count. You've still not read the book. Even if you've read lots of quotes... still not the whole book. You have no opinion on this book but the one you adopted from someone else.

I mean we are all free to do as we please, and it's not like you're out murdering someone by rating a book you've never read or anything. Do as you want. 

It just feels dishonest to me. By rating a book, it makes it look like you read it and you're giving your thoughts and views on this book. If you've not read it... see where I'm going with this? 

Anyway, that's my thoughts on this topic. Let me know yours below! Have a great day little butterflies and as always: Happy Reading!