Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reviews: Do They Effect What Books You Read?

Reviews: How much do they effect what books you read? Is there any reviewers that you always agree with and read the books they like or don't read the books they don't like? Are you entitled to give your thoughts about a book you've not read?

I have some reviewers that I take their opinion into consideration when it comes to helping me find books. Or if I've not heard much about a book reviews really help when deciding if I want to try it or not. But I follow no reviewer blindly as I hope you don't either. 

Though I am one of those people that if I read a review for a book that I'm looking forward to and the reviewer dislikes it. That won't stop me from reading it as it still sounds like a good book to me. I prefer to make up my mind when it comes to if I will read a book or not. Reviews do help me but in the end it's honestly more about if I find it interesting or not. 

As for giving an opinion on a book you've never read. To me it's not cool. I hate saying things aren't valid but in this case it's true. Your opinion on a book you've never read can't be valid. I mean that's logical sense to me. 

You can say why you don't want to read this book because you've heard it's blah, blah, or blah. That's fine and dandy. But, you can't go off giving your thoughts about these things that's said to be in this book because you've not read it. 

So what are your thoughts on this? Please let me know below as I'd love to start a great discussion with you awesome readers.