Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spoilers - Thursday's Disscusion

So we all love to discuss our favorite books. Anywhere we can, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, on our blog and so on. But when is it safe to post spoilers? Should we ever talk about spoilers? 

So personally, if I want to discuss spoilers I just put a spoiler warning on my post but I don't if it's on twitter and I only do on Facebook in the groups that make that part of their rules. 

I don't want to spoil people but at the same time, it shouldn't keep us from talking about the books I love and have read. Also maybe I think this way because I don't mind spoilers, I'll still enjoy the book just the same if I get spoiled a little. 

I don't want people not to talk about the books or part of the books they love just because I've not read it yet and they have. No, they should get to talk about the book and enjoy it wholeheartedly. 

So yeah, I'm probably the only one in the world that doesn't mind spoilers though I do try and not spoil it whenever I can. Like Twitter, when I want to talk about spoilers, I never # the post. Ever, so it's much harder to find. 

I post spoiler warnings in my reviews and on Facebook in the groups I'm in. I also don't spoil anything on Instagram personally, so I never worry about that.

Let me know your thought about spoilers below! I'm sure everyone's opinion will differ from mine. Have a great day! Happy Reading!