Monday, May 29, 2017

Music Monday - Icon for Hire

This fun meme is hosted over at Always Me.

This is a band I love so much and I don't think I've ever shared any of their music so here is some of my all time favorites by Icon For Hire. 

Favorite Lyrics

You knew the deal, no one gives a damn
Just another needy kid, sob story in hand
Keep your secrets covered up, up, up
We don't need another cut, cut, cut
But you couldn't hide, a heart made of glass
You put yourself together with all the strength you had
You were finally fed up, up, up
Finally had to scream enough-nough-nough

Favorite Lyrics

When the dark comes for me
I won't run, I will scream
I'm stronger than I used to be oh

I belong to the night
But I, I learned to survive

Favorite Lyrics

I can't keep you above water
I can't drag your soul to shore
Don't know how to fix a sinking ship
Or win a losing war
It's a heavy load to carry
And I can't hold on much more
On the surface it looks perfect
Underneath it's just a perfect storm