Sunday, June 25, 2017

Shadowhunter Sunday - Those of Demon Blood (EP 13)

Cue theme song

I love how the picture is on Alec.

So Jace is the new head of the Institute. Downworlders are attacking Shadowhunters, sounds like a fun episode so far. Also Jace pinning after Clary. Alright.

Simon a leader... right.

Magnus getting mad over that? Really? What is Alec to do, not follow the rules and get in trouble? Or worse, let them think Magnus is a part of it and the clave would attack him? I just don't get it. 

Simon was getting angry too. If you didn't do anything then you have nothing to hide... I'd give my hair up in a heartbeat. 

Aw Max is too cute. He's so eager to get out in the field. 

Awww Simon just wants to stay with her. That's so not cool. Poor Simon. He made a point, he brought Clary in. He should have got to stay with her.

Wow, she really wants to chip all Downworlders. That's bloody insane. They aren't freaking animals. They are people like everyone else. Not cool. 

I don't blame Maia for getting angry at this. I would be too if I was here. I would have done the same thing in her shoes. Now it's going too far. I thought that their reactions to the DNA testing was overrating but this... I'm full on board with them! No tracking chips! 

You give the Clave an inch, they take a freaking mile. Ugh.

I don't know why Jace didn't fight back... or at least defend himself. Dumbass.

Luke is such a badass. I love him. Someone needed to talk sense into Jace because he was being stupid. Again.

She revoked Clary's clearance too. I dislike her. She should leave and let Jace take over, least he listens to people... sometimes.

It's looking like Magnus is going to cheat on Alec. Hopefully, I'm wrong.


I do feel so bad for Jace, he just wants to be accepted. Damn Clary had a point though. If they still thought Jace had demon blood, they would be locking him up. 

The dance scene was so cool. I'm so glad I'm wrong!!!! Magnus didn't cheat on Alec. God, I love him even more now. Magnus you wonderful warlock.

Maia is so understanding, I love her. 

Jace was man enough to say sorry. I'm proud of him!

Oh no.... is this where they kill Max? Yay! He lives another day! Annnnnnnnd badass Izzy is back! Hell yeah! 

Jace gave it to Alec. I actually teared up a bit. It was so cute and sweet. 

I love that Alec had Jace remove the tracker from Maia and the sweet moment that Malec had. So cute. I love them so much. 

Also Maia and Jace are going to use each other to get over who they really want. I see this ending badly...