Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shadowhunter Sunday - You Are Not Your Own (Episode 12)

Alright cue the theme music and let's get on with this!

This episode was actually really good! One of my favorites so far! 

Magnus and Valentine switched bodies, which kind of makes sense after the last episode and it's something I didn't see coming. 

Alec doesn't like Sebastian.... it seems he doesn't like very many new comers at all. I guess he has to warm up to them. Sounds like my little sister ha ha.

I hate how Clary feels useless without her ruins. It's sad that she's willing to be a lab rat just to feel like she is worth something. She shouldn't feel that way. She could always just train more and be a badass shadowhunter. 

Valentine/Magnus got Dot to help with his powers. She's not the brightest star in the sky. She even commented saying he sounded like Valentine but just shrugged it off and helped him I'm assuming.  

Izzy seems to be doing a lot better now. I'm happy to see that. I was missing this Izzy a lot. The druggie Izzy wasn't as fun though it was nice to see her character arc. She's coming a long way. 

I feel bad for Alec in this episode. I often feel bad for Alec, I've noticed. He's so confused over Valentine/Magnus and who could blame him? With how tricky Valentine is, one can never really be too sure. 

Okay, my favorite part of the whole episode is the line about how hard it would be to be a Herondale and how they are treated like royalty. It was also very heavy handed. 

We also get a cute Sizzy moment and a pretty heat filled Clace moment that actually didn't make me want to throw up. Making the actors are working on their chemistry. Which I am all for! 

Jace has been outed as a Herondale. They are playing so many card in just season 2... I know they are going way off the books but if they use all the ideas now... then it will just be whatever the showrunners come up with and that might lead to more things like the shape shifting ruin....

I thought I was going to hate Sebastian but I actually really like him. I like that he helped Clary with her power, even though it was harsh it worked! They even got Valentine back into his cell. Seems like everything in this episode wrapped up nicely with a little bow on top. 

Also.... he hit on his sister. Just saying. 

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